ARK: Survival Evolved

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📝 Beschreibung / Über ARK: Survival Evolved

As a naked man / woman freeze and hungry on a mysterious island stranded, you have to hunt, collect, produce items, plant fruits and build a shelter to survive. Use skill and cunning to kill ARK dinosaurs and primeval creatures, break out and ride, and unite with hundreds of players or play locally!

The following features have been in the game since the day 1 Early Access release. We have planned many further aspects and refinements for the ongoing development. Here you can find what you can experience in ARK so far:


Dinosaurs, Creatures & Breeding - About 50 + at the start of the Early Access and 100 + are planned to the final release - can be tamed with a challenging catching and attracting process. Involved is the weakening of a wild creature to beat them unconsciously and then re-fueled with the right food. Once tamed, you can command your house dino, which he also follows, depending entirely on how well you have trained and tamed. Haudinos can ascend in level and need food. You can also give armor, items to wear for you, hunt them, and bring the spoils to your base. This is dependent on their strength. Larger animals can be saddled to ride them. Fly with a pterodactyl over snowy mountains, lift allies across the ramparts, race with a pack of Raptors through the jungle, trample on a gigantic Brontosaurus over an enemy base or chase your prey on the back of an angry T-Rex! Be part of a dynamic ecosystem cycle with its own predator and prey hierarchy where you are only a creature between many different species in the struggle for dominance and survival. Hausdinos may mate with the other sex, for example, to enable selective breeding of successful generations by means of a feature-based system and the recombination of genetic inheritance. This process includes, among other things, egg-based incubation and pregnancy in mammals. Or, in short, breed and move Dinobabies great!


You have to eat and drink to survive - with different plants and meat varieties with different attributes, including human meat. A functioning water supply in your home and inventory is necessary. Every physical action will cost you food and drink, enough travel is full of dangers. The weight of your inventory makes you slower, the day / night cycle along with randomly generated weather conditions add another challenge as temperatures change, you get hungry or thirsty. Build a camp fire or a dwelling as well as a wide range of clothing and armor to protect you against regional hazards and extreme temperature fluctuations with the help of the dynamic In / Outdoor insulation calculation system!


While you can cut down entire forests and cut down on metal and other valuable resources, you can also build massive multi-storey buildings made of complex, snapping parts. Includes ramps, pillars, windows, doors, gates, remote controlled gates, trap doors, water pipes, faucets, generators, cables, lots of other electrical appliances, ladders and many, many other things. Structures have a mechanism to collapse when the foundation is destroyed. Therefore, it is important to reinforce your buildings. All buildings and items can be painted to match the design of your house to your wishes and to paint dynamic, per-pixel-painted signs, hanging signs and other decorative objects according to your wishes. Houses reduce the extreme of the weather and offer protection to you and your stock. Weapons, clothing and armor can also be dyed to suit your personal style.


Choose seeds from the wild vegetation around you, plant them in beds that you place, water them and fertilize them with fertilizer (everything leaves behind faeces after consuming calories which can be composted, some fertilizers are better than others). Pay attention to your plantlets and they will grow and produce delicious and rare fruits, which can also be used to cook a wide variety of logical recipes and potions. Explore the island to find more, rare seeds with useful properties! Vegetarians and vegans will flourish and it will be possible to conquer ARK without violence!


By bringing very rare sacrifices to special incantations, you can secure the attention of one of the godlike, mythological creatures in ARK, which then appears to fight. These giant monstrosities offer an end-game goal for the most experienced groups of players and your army at Hausdinos, and will provide an extremely valuable yield of items if you manage to defeat them at all.


Create a tribe and add your friends. All your house dinos can be commanded by an ally. Your tribe will also be able to respawn at each of your home spawn points. Encourage members to become leaders to facilitate management. Distribute key items and access codes to provide access to your village!


All objects are made by means of blaupacks, which have different statistics and qualities and which require the corresponding resources for the production. More remote and difficult to reach places across the Ark, usually offer better materials, including the highest mountains, darkest caves, and deepest of the ocean! Level your character by collecting experience points, level your animals, and learn new "engrams" to be able to create items from memory without the Blaupausen needed even if you die! Adjust the look of your character by changing your hair, eyes, skin color, and a range of body proportions.


Any item you build has a certain shelf life and will be broken if you use it too much and do not repair it. When you leave the game, your character remains asleep in the virtual world. Your inventory is divided into boxes in character. Everything can be gelooted or stolen, so you must take care of your security by tying yourself up with other players or taming Dinos as guardians. Death is permanent, and you can even knock other players unconsciously, catch them, feed them food, bend them to your will, give them blood for their own transfusion, or collect their faeces to process them into fertilizer. Or use them as food for your carnivorous friends!


The mysterious ARK is an impressive and imposing environment consisting of natural and unnatural structures above or below the earth and just as much underwater. As you explore the secrets of the island, you will find many randomly generated creatures and rare Blaupaus. Also, you can find exploratory notes that are dynamically put into the game, written and beautifully decorated before millennia by previous inhabitants of the ARK. In a creative way, these represent the creatures and the background story of the ARK. Cover the entire map by exploring, highlighting interesting points and building a compass or a GPS system to explore with other players you use by language, text or long-distance phones. Build and draw signs for other players to help them or get them out of the way ... Still ... How will you challenge the creators to conquer the ARK? A definite eng-game is planned.


On the 100 + player servers, your character, buildings, and house dinos will remain in play even if you leave the game. You can even move your character in the network of ARK's by going to an obelisk and uploading or downloading your data in the Steam Economy. A galaxy full of ARK's, each different from the other, is waiting to be conquered and changed by you one by one - special, official ARK's will be revealed on the world map for a short time and for special events!


You can play alone and locally in single player mode and transfer your character and items between unofficial, hosted servers back and forth from single to multi-player mode. Modify the game with full Steam Workshop support and the Unreal Engine 4 Editor. Find out how we have created our ARK with our maps and values ​​as an example. Host your own server and configure your ARK precisely and adapted to your needs. Let us see what you create!


The first-class, hyperreal image representation of the creatures in ARK is achieved by an extremely adapted Unreal Engine 4, the dynamic lighting conditions, global lighting, weather systems (rain, fog, snow, etc.) and a life-long cloud simulation by the latest rendering technology of DirectX11 and DirectX12, makes it possible. The music comes from the award-winning composer of "Ori and the Blind Forest", Gareth Coker!

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⚙️ System requirements

  • Operating system: 64 bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8
  • Processor: 2 GHz dual-core 64-bit CPU
  • Random access memory: 4000 MB RAM
  • Graphic: DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB video RAM
  • DirectX: version 10
  • space: 40000 MB available space

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