Field of Glory II: Immortal Fire

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🎮 Field of Glory II: Immortal Fire

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📝 Description / About Field of Glory II: Immortal Fire

The game that brought the fun and excitement of the tablet experience to digital form is back. Developed by legendary designer Richard Bodley Scott in a completely new 3D engine, Field of Glory is ready to set new standards in computer wargaming.

If this is not the case, then it is not a question of the future, but it is not a question of the future done if the course of history had been different.

Take command of a huge variety of armies employing vastly different tactical doctrines. Lead your chosen army and its named in a set-piece historical battles or "what-if".

  • Accurate simulation of Ancient battle in the last three centuries of the pre-Christian era.
  • 86 troop models, each with many variants. These allow us to take a look at the full range of troop types and tactical doctrines that make this era one of the most interesting to wargamers and military historians. To name just a few, there are Roman legionaries before and after the reforms of Marius, Greek hoplite and Carthaginian African spearmen, Hellenistic pike phalanxes, thureophoroi spearmen and xystophoroi lancers, Gallic warbands, Skythian horsearchers, Sarmatian lancers, novel, Carthaginian, Greek and Gallic spear-armed cavalry, was elephants, Celtic and Indian chariots, scythed chariots, a wealth of light troops and many many more.
  • 12 Historical scenarios covering key engagements of the period on an epic scale. These include Bagradas 255 BC, Trebia 218 BC, Cannae 216 BC, 206 BC, Xama 202 BC, 190 BC, XYNXX BC, Xalonex BC, Xone 168 BC, Tigranocerta 86 BC, Bibracte 69 BC, Carrhae 58 BC and Thapsus 53 BC. The player can play as either side.
  • Custom Battle system allows unlimited "what-if" scenarios using historically realistic armies from carefully researched army lists, on realistic computer generated terrain maps. Armies covered include Romans, Carthaginians, Hellenistic Kingdoms, Gauls, Ancient Britons, Galatians, Spanish, Numidians, Spartacus's Slave Revolt, Thracians, Skythians, Sarmatians, Parthians, Indians and lots more.
  • Campaign mode allows you to rewrite history as you play through the battlefield careers of some of the ancient history's greatest generals, or with any ancient nation against any other. Each victory increases the experience and elan of your core units. Quick to resolve strategic decisions to allow you to go from one to the next without any delay.
  • Random map generator produces an infinite variety of historically realistic battlefield maps for custom battles and campaigns. Scenarios include open battle, pursuit, awaiting reinforcements, enemy awaiting reinforcements, flank march, rearguard action, advance guard, remove the head, and protect the baggage.
  • Classic turn-based, tile based gameplay.
  • Easy to use interface, hard to master gameplay.
  • Cohort-sized units. Battles can range from a few units to as many as 80 units per side.
  • Named generals who can combat and morale of units under their command.
  • Single player and multiplayer battle modes.
  • Effective AI makes sound tactical decisions.
  • 6 difficulty levels allow you to develop your battlefield skills.
  • Numerous different unit organizations, combat capabilities and tactical doctrines allow full representation of tactical differences and developments through the period.
  • Mod friendly game system with built-in map editor.
  • Multiplayer mode allows historical scenarios and "what-if" scenarios to be used by two players using Slitherine's easy to use PBEM server

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⚙️ System requirements

  • Operating system:Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor:2.0GHz or higher
  • Random access memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphic:1 GB DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
  • DirectX:Version 9.0c
  • space:1541 MB available space
  • Sound Card:DirectX compatible sound card

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