Marble country

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🎮 Marble Land

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📝 Beschreibung / Über Marble Land

Marble Land is a physics-based puzzle game that was primarily designed for VR. The purpose of the game is to guide you to the right path to your destination. The game contains 45 levels of difficulty, split across three different environments: the dessert, the cave and the mountain.

There is no time limit on the puzzles and you can try as many different approaches as you like in order to find the solution. Marble Land offers an immersive and comfortable experience that does not induce any VR motion sickness.

It can be played using a gamepad or motion controller, either as a sitting, standing or room-scale VR experience. It can also be played as a non-VR game, with mouse and keyboard or a standard controller.


  • 45 different puzzles of increasing complexity
  • 3 gorgeous and relaxing environments
  • Lots of different level mechanics and contraptions
  • Playable VR modes: sitting, standing and room-scale
  • Comfortable VR experience, no motion sickness
  • Support for motion controllers, gamepad
  • Playable as Non-VR game (does not require a VR headset)

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⚙️ System requirements

  • Operating system:Windows 7 64 bit
  • Processor:Intel i5-4590
  • Random access memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphic:NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater
  • space:9 GB available space
  • Additional comments:Minimum for VR version. So playable as non-VR.

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