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📝 Description / About NBA 2K18


  • The future of sporting carriages has begun - you can now play the game as you want it. Work in NBA games on your career, gamble in the Playground, play with the Pro-Am or explore the shops and venues in the brand new environment "The Quarter". Look forward to new My PLAYER upgrades and sponsoring systems, our largest roster ever, including some NBA players and much more.

The way to the 99

  • The all-encompassing Meta game, rewarding the user for improving the overall score of his My PLAYER, no matter what mode he plays. Thanks to a common placard system for Pro-Am, Park, and your NBA trip to My CAREER, your attributes, animations and plaques along the way to an overall evaluation of 99 will always and everywhere make your game style.

Create player - Revised

  • Create a My PLAYER according to your ideas - whether or not you use the MyNBA2K18 mobile app to scan your face or create an individual player based on our templates. There are numerous new hairstyles to choose from, and the body size and weight are displayed more accurately so you can create an absolutely unique look for your My PLAYER.

My Team

  • Gather player cards with current and former NBA legends and compete in different online and offline modes.

Super Max

  • In this new season mode with Salary Cap, you will get a team together and compete against other users with similar skills. You have a given salary cap, which you can divide on your 13 players. So you have to go strategically when choosing your set-up for each round. In each round, prizes are distributed based on your achievements - so every game counts.

Pack & Playoffs

  • In this brand new Draft mode you have to assemble the best possible team from 5 players from packs, which you open before each round. Play against the other players' timed players and reach the next round to get better prizes. Pack and Playoffs is a new set-up and a new experience in every round.

Schedule Challenges

  • Plays a game plan with 30 games for each of the 30 NBA teams. Earned in 900 unique challenges based on the schedule of the NBA season 2017-18, My TEAM points and prizes.

New movement system

  • The new motion system makes the game control more realistic than ever before. The dribbling and the movements away from the ball are no longer based on prefabricated animations. This breakthrough technology generates animations on a dynamic basis to deliver the best possible gameplay experience. You now have full control.

Improved throwing indicator

  • Thanks to an improved throwing indicator you hit your litters with greater constancy. The new system provides several feedback points for more precise signaling.

Improved player precision

  • In countless hours of hard work, we've made sure that all NBA players look and feel like their real role models - right down to the tiniest details like scars, stretch marks, or faded tattoos. The body system of the players has been completely reworked, in order to accurately reproduce the physique of each player of the league. The players' faces were also built from the ground up, giving them even more detail and more realistic light.

Laser scanned jerseys and accessories

  • Laser-scribed jerseys from all 30 NBA teams accurately reflect every design and detail down to the smallest seam. Through our True Color Technology, we ensure that the white pops and the team colors are hit perfectly. And the new body system ensures that the jerseys fit perfectly in every physique. To complete the on-court look of an NBA player, the user has the largest collection of scanned footwear and accessories available in the history of NBA 2K.

guest commentators

  • The greatest commentator in the history of sports video games is even greater. The future Hall of Famer and former NBA 2K cover sportsman Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett take turns to the micro to give their expertise to the best. Overall, the team now consists of 13 commentators.

Historical teams

  • For the first time ever, all 30 Franchise's historic squad is made up of the best players ever to wear the team jersey. Play in now games to find out which franchise has the strongest historical team ... or challenge all 30 historical teams in My TEAM in Eternal Dominance mode.

Classic teams

  • Plays with 62 of the best NBA teams of the past, including 17 new teams. Let your favorite team from the history of the NBA compete against current teams. Play epic finals. Find out if Shaq and Kobe can compete with the big Lakers teams of the past. Or play with the bulls of 1997-98 against the Warriors of 2015-16 to clear up this dispute once and for all. The possibilities are endless.My GM: The next chapter
    • For the first time in my life, GM offers a story-driven, narrative franchise experience with all the user control and teambuilding aspects that you have learned to love over the years. Your path is determined by your choices and answers at the many important points of the narrative. You can make the story your own and build a successful team!My LIGA
      • The extremely popular franchise mode of 2K offers the user complete control over his league, including complete individualization. Chooses the number of matches and teams, adjusts the league settings, and applies your individual settings to a single season, multiple seasons, or an online experience. Or you just skip the regular season and start with the playoffs.Realistic Ligastructures and Rules
        • Both My GM and My LIGA contain numerous updates to consider rules from the real NBA. Among other things, many regulations of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement have been implemented. Handles player bonuses that are as high as possible for your franchise and player, including Super Max and Bird Rights contracts for elite players, over-38 contracts for older players, and two-way contracts for young talents, Manage your squad by minimizing the salary cap by using stretch commissions when you commit the rights to a player. Or develop younger players by letting them gather in the G-League or overseas experience. In short, the most detailed and authentic franchise mode in the entire industry leaves you more than ever in the role of an NBA GM.

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⚙ System requirements

  • Operating system:Windows 7 × 64 / Windows 8.1 × 64 / Windows 10 × 64
  • Processor:Intel® Core ™ i3-530 @ 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom ™ II X4 805 @ 2.50 GHz or better
  • Random access memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphic:NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 450 1GB / ATI® Radeon ™ HD 7770 1GB or better
  • DirectX:Version 11
  • space:70 GB available space
  • Sound Card:DirectX 9.0x compatibleDual-Analog Gamepad:Recommended

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