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As the world economic crisis worsens and social inequality breaks society apart, the people's discontent manifests itself in violent public unrest and opposition to state power.

RIOT - Civil Unrest is the highly anticipated real-time riot simulation where the player finds himself in the midst of some of the world's biggest clashes. Some of the campaigns are: Indignados (Spain), the Arab Spring (Egypt), Keratea (Greece) and No TAV (Italy). The one-level 17 scenarios are taking place in cities including Rome, Oakland, Paris, London and the Ukraine.

Leonard Menchiari, the creator of RIOT - Civil Unrest, has seen uprisings through Italy's no-tav protests. With the game he wants to tell the story of the happenings and to express the lived feelings during these clashes. What triggers such anger and aggression in a crowd? How does the often inferior police feel during such a conflict? RIOT - Civil Unrest gives the player the opportunity to experience both sides of a fight where there are no real winners. Who is right and who is wrong? Experience RIOT - Civil Unrest and draw your own conclusions.

Games as police

  • Apply numerous mass control tactics, both passive and aggressive.
  • Commanding Special Forces, Tactical Troops and Armed Forces.
  • Call a police van, water cannon or even a tank!
  • Decide whether you use smoke grenades, rubber or plastic bullets or even live ammunition.

Play as a riot

  • Wise rioters (armed or passive) and journalists.
  • Incite the wrath of the masses and cause aggression, or try to defuse the situation through tactical rearrangements and retreats of the crowd.
  • Attack the Ordnungsinstanz with Molotov cocktails, firecrackers, paper bombs, stones, street furniture and the power of the media.

Several modes

  • 16 campaign levels spread across 4 scenarios: Keratea (Greece), No TAV (Italy), Indignados (Spain) and the Arab Spring (Egypt).
  • From the perspective of both sides, experience how the story unfolds - play all 32 levels as police or rioters.
  • Single-player mode - games against the computer AI.
  • Versus Mode - Play on the same computer with or against a friend or against the AI.

Create your own uprisings with the Level Editor (available during Early Access)

  • Change the appearance of the confrontation by inserting your own background graphics.
  • Place items, vehicles and obstacles where you want them.
  • Choose and position the starting points of the rebels and the police as well as their orders and their level of aggression.

🎞 Trailer / Preview

⚙️ System requirements

  • Operating system:Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor:3GHz processor or better
  • Random access memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphic:HD Graphics 4000 or better
  • DirectX:Version 9.0c
  • space:3 GB available space

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