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Download the Microsoft Office 365 Apps for iPhone or I-pad

Follow the following directions to download and use The Office 365 programs for your iPhone or i-pad.
The Microsoft Office 365 apps enables you to View, edit, and talk about Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in addition to make Word and Excel Documents. Requires i-OS 7.0 or later, and therefore are compatible with i-phone, iPad, and I pod touch. The programs are all optimized for i-phone 5.
NOTE: To utilize the programs with Lehigh One Drive, you Must possess an Office 365 accounts created. Follow these directions to make an Office 365 Account:
1 On your Computer, go to the iTunes store, hunt for Microsoft 365, and then down load the programs. You are able to choose to download one or most (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint).
2 After the app downloads, then open it out of your Apparatus
3 If you have an Office 365 accounts, then input your Credentials (1). If you do not have an Office 365 accounts, then you will see Excel files on your own apparatus (two).
4 When you log into to Office 365, you immediately Have access to a Lehigh One Drive account.
5 Tap to start an existing file or create a fresh one.

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